Domestic Animals Name

 Domestic Animals Name

It has some Domestic Animals Name which is an important Domestic Animals name and it is kept by many people in the house.  Man has kept the animal from long ago.

Domestic Animals Name  that he keeps is called a pet. Animals work for us. They provide us food and other materials. They help a lot of people. In pets, cattle, buffalo, goat, horse, camel, sheep etc are the main Places.


Domestic Animals Name

Cow is Domestic Animals Name  and Cow's milk is Very beneficial. It is very Beneficial for patients. Apart from this, milk is used in cooking. Makes curd, cheese, butter, and ghee from milk too. In India, people consider cow as a goddess. It is believed that the body of the deities is in the body of the cow.

 The cow is useful not only for people in their lives but even after death, every part of their body comes in handy. Cow's dung is the most profitable fertilizer for crops. It is used in the village crop and it becomes a fertile Farm.



 People have been breeding buffaloes from a very old time. Nowadays buffalo is grown in many countries and its milk is used Its milk is very beneficial, its milk is more beneficial than a cow. The identity of buffalo is its black color. The whole body of buffalo is black. It has a tail. 

The whole body of the buffalo has black hair. Buffalo skin is thick. Buffaloes also come to swim. Buffaloes like to take bath in rivers and ponds. Buffalo is a vegetarian animal that only consumes grass and fodder. The buffalo is also fed grain. Bhusa is fed to buffaloes for more milk production.



The goat is a pet and it is grown in villages and milk produces its milk is very beneficial. Apart from this goat is also grown for meat. Goat skins are used to make many types of objects. 

The goat is a vegetarian animal, which has grass, leaves, shrubs, and roots etc. In the mountainous areas, work is done to get the burden from the goat. Throughout the world, there are many varieties of the goat which are different from each other by its color and shape.


 There is List Of All Domestic Animals | The horse has been a man's pet since ancient times. Horses are found in the whole world. It consists of many colors and different breeds. It's a very powerful animal, it can run for hours without stopping. The horses simply breathe through the nose, while they do not breathe with the mouth.

The horse is a vegan animal that grows grass. 160 breeds of horses are found in the world. The Arabic horse is considered to be very special. Their height ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 feet. The horses mostly like to live in green grasslands.

The horse comes with loads, riding, and pulling the car. In the olden times, King Maharaj used to ride horses and go hunting for hunting in the forest; besides, he used to work as a helper in the field of Horse Jung.


Wild Animals Name | Generally, camel length is up to 7-8 feet and weighs about 430-700 kg. The camel is big because it has a thick layer of hair on its body. This hair decreases in the spring season and the sun comes back in the winter. These hairs are mostly near the head, neck, and hump.

The feet of camels are quite powerful, which help in carrying it. There is a layer of thick skins on the knees of the camel, which acts as a mattress, which helps in getting a camel rising. Even if it is alive, it serves man, even after death it is very useful for us. The purses, clothes, shoes, and coats etc. are made from its skins and its bones are also used to make utensils and jewelry etc.

Camel is famous as the 'ship of the desert' because it can walk very comfortably on the sand of the desert and can spend many days without water. Although there is a species of camel that is also good for swimming in the ocean, once a year, the authentic camels float in the ocean and reach an island with mangrove trees, where they spend 2 to 3 days eating these trees with a lot of water. There are seven such islands in Mohd, which is situated in the Kutch district of Gujarat with the Gulf.


Sheep is an important animal and keeps it in the village. Many rural sheep use wool and leather as raw material. Sheep mangney is also a good source of fertilizer for the land. Sheep milk is also extracted in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu, and Kashmir etc. Sheep milk is also used in food. Whose yogurt is used to collect ghee and remove it?

Usually, sheep are grazing for 9 hours in summer and 7 hours in winter season. If enough grazing is available then the sheep do not need to be fed. But special attention should be given to the animal feed of lambs of hybrids. As far as possible, the sheep should feed the green fodder of Rijka, Bursim, Guar etc. or dry them from them.

Sheep spinach is usually spinning wool twice a year. However, this work is done three times in a year. The first time the wool shaving is chosen during March and the second time the wool shaving time is taken according to suitable weather. Sheep is bathed before cutting the wool.


The dog's scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiaris. This is a domestic animal. It falls under the category of mammals because it gives birth to a puppy and breastfeeding like other mammals. Originally dogs are from a breed of wolves. This is considered to be the first animal created by man.

 There are many breeds of dogs, which are used by humans as pets. Their nature is very helpful and it is considered to be the best friend of man. These have proved to be loyal years before the human years. They understand the manner and nature of the person's speech well. 

 These can eat meat, vegetables, biscuits, milk, and other prepared meals that are specially prepared for dogs. They adhere to their duties very well, this is the reason that these fire dogs, police dogs, helper dogs, army dogs, hunter dogs, messenger dogs, rescue dogs, shepherd dogs, etc. Are used in.

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