Dry Fruits Name

Dry Fruits Name

Dry fruits are very beneficial for people. Here is some Dry fruits name that has a very beneficial Dry fruits name. By eating dry fruits daily, the human body remains strong and contains many types of proteins and vitamins. When the fruits get dry, they are made from dried fruits and they have fewer diseases than their daily use.So let's understand about Dry fruits name who it is.

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All About Dry Fruits | Walnuts are very beneficial and energy listeners. It is beneficial for patients And it is also used in medicine. Use of walnut helps to lose weight and sleep, Apart from this, it is also used to relieve tension. More Walnuts in India is found in Jammu & Kashmir and in their separate area.

Dry Fruits Name

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Dry Fruits Name | Raisin is very beneficial for our body and to make it, first dry the grapes and then make it. By eating it every day the body is healthy and gives the body also Vitamin. Raisin comes in some colors and Black raisin which is most beneficial for our body and health.

Dry Fruits Name Raisin


Dry Fruits Name | Dates is a dry fruit and it is sweet and good in taste. People like it a lot and it is used in winter. It is very good for health and to increase strength. It is easily found in India and it is eaten by many people and gets Vitamin.

Dry Fruits Name Dates


Dry Fruits Name | Due to its properties, many types of Vitamin are found which are beneficial for the body. Almond is considered to be the most vitamin fruit in dry fruits and it is slightly expensive. Eating Almond increases the power of the brain and keeps the brain healthy.

Dry Fruits Name Almond

5.Cashew nuts

Dry Fruits Name | Cashew nuts are dry fruit and many people like it and consume it and get vitamins. It is used to increase taste in food and sweets. Due to the presence of Vitamin in it, it strengthens bone and teeth. Those who are weak from the body and have the patient, they must eat Cashewnuts.

Dry Fruits Name Cashew nuts


Peanut contains high amounts of protein which is beneficial for health. Peanut is also very beneficial for the brain and it increases the ability to remember. Due to frequent eating of peanut, diabetes can be avoided and it can also reduce diseases. There is also peanut oil which is beneficial for hair and quickly increases hair.

Dry Fruits Name Peanut


Coconut is widely used in Hinduism, and it is used in medicine as well. Oil also comes out of Coconut, which is very beneficial and we also take this oil in the body. The top portion of the coconut is very strong and the inside layer is very soft. By taking coconut water our body keeps healthy and does not get tired.

Dry Fruits Name Coconut


Continuous consumption of Pistachio keeps our body healthy and it gives our body plenty of proteins. Blood pressure is also controlled by pistachio and it also helps in weight loss. Eating Pistachio keeps the body healthy and should be consumed by everyone.

Dry Fruits Name Pistachio

9.Areca nut

Areca nut goes to worship and drink. Their trees are high and Areca nut is very strong.When there is a problem of drying the mouth of the human being, its use becomes less dry. If a person has depression, then using this areca nut reduces depression. It is a bit difficult to break for a weak tooth due to strong areca nut.

Dry Fruits Name Areca nut


 Saffron is used to making the food scented and tasty in food. When using saffron when it comes to headache, it relieves it. Saffron is very beneficial, and its use removes body weakness. Its use has done much to keep the health in India and many countries.

Dry Fruits Name Saffron

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