Water Animals Name

Water Animals Name

Water Animals Name, They are animals that live in water. Some of the below Water Animals  Name are given which have a very important. There are many types of living animals that are found in the sea. Some of these harm people and Some do not harm people.Today we will get  information about some important Water Animals Name which is the most important.    


Water Animals Name | Dolphin is found in the sea and river and it is the mammalian creature. Dolphin's memory is the highest in all animals and He can hear 8 times more than humans. Dolphin comes with a shaking sound that makes such a move so that it can detect its hunt. Dolphin is very intelligent with other creature .

Water Animals Name


Water And Sea Animals  

Crocodile is a dangerous animal living in water and It can live in water and also can live on the ground easily. Crocodile is a carnivorous animal when it lives in water then it eats fish etc. And when it stays on the ground, it eats animals. Their mouth is very large and they have large strong teeth so that they can easily eat their Hunt.

Water Animals Name Crocodile


Water Animals Name | Shark is an ocean animal, which is considered to be very dangerous. The shark is considered to be the largest animal of the sea after the whale, and it can make the best hunt from other animals in the sea. It has a very dangerous tooth that makes it hunt and new tooth after shark teeth breaks. It has the ability to smell 8 thousand times more than humans so that it easily detects its hunt .

Water Animals Name Shark


Water Animals Name | The whale is the world's largest animal that is found in the ocean and It is very large, its length is 110 feet and its weight is 130 to 160 tons. Its body is long and its blue body appears to have some effect and It gives birth to only one child at a time. Even if they have a lot of weight, they can swim in the sea at a speed of about 45 km per Hour.

Water Animals Name Whales


Water Animals Name | Jellyfish is living in water and it's different from a common fish. It has 99 percent water in its body and the upper part of its body is like an umbrella and Through which it takes food. Jellyfish have fibers that hang them, It hunts, and in some jellyfish, these fibers are more than one meter long. when Jellyfish swim in the water may seem very beautiful but some of its species are very poisonous.

Water Animals Name Jellyfish


Starfish is mostly found in the depths of the ocean and it looks like a star so it is called starfish. Starfish size ranges from 4 to 9 inches and can be up to 6 kg. Its outer skins are made like thorns that protect against other animals. Starfish are in different colors and they have five sides but some starfish have more than five sides.

Water Animals Name Starfish


Octopus is the animal found in the sea, which is non-vegetarian. It can be from 15 centimeters to 40 feet, and they have eight sides. Octopus is both male and female, and their life span is small, some Octopus can have a life span of 8 months. Many Octopus live together and make a shelter on the rocks.

Water Animals Name Octopus


Crab is a dangerous animal and is found in the ponds and the sea. Some crab also lives on the ground and their eyes are so that they can easily see in the water. They also walk on the land and float in the water. The age of Crab can be between 2 to 3 years and if their legs are broken in the fight then their feet come back within a year.

Water Animals Name Crab


Turtle can live on water and land, and Turtle's armor is very strong when it feels danger, then it hides in it. Turtle does not have teeth in the mouth and can survive for 160 years. Turtle moves are very slow and Turtle can give 1 -25 eggs at one time. There are more than 300 species available to them, which live on water and on land.

Water Animals Name Turtle


The frog is live in water and ground, The age of Frog can be between 11 to 13 years.Their feet grow big enough to swim and their main food is insects. The front legs of the frog are small and the back legs grow bigger and because of its magnificence, it can easily apply a long jump.

Water Animals Name Frog

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